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ALCEA ADVISORS launches its collaboration platform

ALCEA ADVISORS launches its collaboration platform
January 6, 2017 plugit

ALCEA ADVISORS, the reference partner for oncology startups in Europe, announces the launch of its collaboration platform.

Paris, France, January 6, 2017 — ALCEA ADVISORS announced today the launch of its collaboration platform dedicated to growing and financing European healthcare startups revolutionizing cancer care.

ALCEA´s platform offers an unparalleled specialist support in the field of oncology across the whole cancer patient journey, building on the exceptional scientific, medical, industry and entrepreneurial expertise of its Leadership Team and Scientific & Business Advisory Board. Its long-term collaborate ethos and multilayered-approach to partnering ensures the development of tailored growth opportunities for oncology startups while setting the right conditions for successful ventures.

“At ALCEA ADVISORS we are are inspired by the fact that cancer research is at an inflexion point making the possibility of curing cancer a foreseeable reality. We are committed to revolutionizing therapeutics and reinventing the patient journey and believe that European startups will significantly contribute to advancing the cancer agenda.” said Managing Partner and Cofounder Jean-Sébastien Lénik.

“Our collaboration platform has been crafted to back the boldest entrepreneurs in the fields of biopharma, medTech, bioinformatics and digital health. We have started ALCEA from the ground up, assembling our team members and advisors one by one in line with our mission to transform cancer care by tackling cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and disease management” further explained Partner and Cofounder Gonçalo Vilaça.


ALCEA ADVISORS (www.alceaadvisors.com) partners and invests in the most transformative European healthcare startups to revolutionize cancer care. We are committed to supporting visionary founders working in the fields of biopharma, medTech, bioinformatics and digital health.

Contact: info@alceaadvisors.com — 72 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France.