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We are inspired by the fact that cancer research is at an inflexion point making the possibility of defeating cancer a foreseeable reality.

We believe European startups will significantly contribute to advancing the cancer agenda.

We take an holistic approach to oncology and are looking for the game changing startups reinventing the patient journey.

We focus on Bio-Pharma, MedTech and E-Health startups tackling cancer prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and disease management.

We are driven by a long-term collaborative ethos and want to convince the best founders and the companies with a strong mission to radically change cancer care to partner with us.

We act as enablers, de-risking early stage investments, financing and accelerating the most transformative projects from the most promising entrepreneurs.

We are committed to improving access to cancer care in the most needed parts of the world by sponsoring impact investment projects.

We are open for business. Get in touch